Painting & Decoration

When you’re painting your home, you’re actually making one of the biggest steps in the design of your living area. The walls and ceiling cover 80% of your home and that’s why the colours and the quality of the job are of extreme importance. We at My Builder in London can help you with the choice of colours and with the painting of your home with quality in mind, while we always stay within your budget.

The most important thing for a well applied paint is the foundation, also known as plastering. By doing a top notch plastering job our professionals will make sure that the colour you choose will cover up the walls nicely and will stay bright for a long time.

When it comes to picking colours, our specialists know exactly which group of colours are perfect for each room. Colour choice needs to be well thought out in order to achieve the desired effect. Imagine having to stare at something you don’t like every single time you’re at home. It can reflect on your mood and everyday activities, so the right colour is of utter importance to your home.

By trusting us with your painting project you don’t merely receive a service, you achieve colour perfection for your home. We at My Builder in London have dedicated ourselves to providing top quality services to our customers and putting permanent smile on their faces.

To take advantage of our painting and decoration services in London simply call My Builder in London via the phone, send us an email or fill out our free assessment form for a no-obligation visit at your address, where our specialists will advise you about any aspect of painting you can imagine. We will come and discuss in details your desires and how to make them come true at affordable prices today.