Unlike most other small repairs or renovation endeavors at home, flooring is somewhat more complicated and requires specialized skills in order to do right. Whether it is a real wood foor, engineered flooring, tiles, or carpet, achieving a perfect finish is no small feat.

First of all, the surface below needs to be in perfect condition, so that whatever is laid out on top is perfectly leveled (or with the right camber in case of bathroom floors with drains). This can be achieved with either a self-leveling underlayment or with an intermediate layer between the actual floor and the flooring. Self-leveling underlayment usually requires more labour and therefore is somewhat more expensive. When done right, however, this self-leveling solution results in a perfectly flat finish which allows the flooring specialist to achieve a similarly flawless results for the top flooring. One last option (or mistake, dare we say) would be to lay down the top flooring without makng sure the surface below is flat first. This will almost inevitably result in the horror DIY-gone-wrong story you’ve undoubtedly heard so many times now. Our advice here would be even if you decide to finish your floor by yourself, to make sure you first call a specialist to assess the condition of the base layer and to make sure it is level enough. This will save you both time and money in the long run.

After the base layer is perfectly prepared for the laying of the actual flooring, there are countless options for the top layer. You can use almost anything you can imagine – from vinyl, carpet, and engineered flooring to real wood flooring, tiles, granite, marble, or even mosaic. The choice is entirely up to you and you only need to consider two things – the skill level required to lay down the flooring in question and, respectively, the cost of installation (the more complicated the instalation process, the more expensive it will be). The easiest flooring types to install are engineered flooring, vinyl, and carpet, while real wood, stone, and mosaic require much more time and efforts to install correctly. Usually the end results correspond to the cost of flooring and installation, but one should always be very careful – an unreliable installer can ruin expensive materials and you can end up with a costly mess. On the other hand, if you choose a reliable installer who is skilled and experienced in flooring, he or she can save you lots of time, frustration and sometimes even money. Many homeowners do not fully understand the roles, disadvantages, and advantages of some phases of the floor installation process. A good floor installer can evaluate the homeowner’s needs and give useful advice about all aspects of the process – from preparation and actuall installation to proper care and service of the finished surface.

In the end, we all want a perfect end result with minimum efforts and resources. All specialists at My Builder in London are trained, skilled and experienced. We offer free advice to our customers and welcome all enquiries and questions regarging flooring, its application, and subsequent care. Call us today to arrange a free, no-obligation assessment of your flooring needs, so that you can seve time, money, and frustration during the process. We promise the perfect finish for your floor at an affordable price and with the peace of mind you expect from a builder company with more than 10 years experience providing home improvement and building services in London.