Carpentry is a service that only well trained and experienced professionals can perform to a level of perfection. Here at My Builder in London we offer nothing but high quality at competitive prices. Whether you need a special touch to your home or some decorative boxes for the plumbing, our professionals will execute everything in no time and with quality in mind. It’s quite rare to find quality carpenters nowadays in a world that is getting more high tech by the day and that’s why we pride ourselves with some of the best carpenters in the business.

When handling wood, there is really no place for errors and this is why a steady and gentle hand is a must in the trade. By trusting us with your carpentry needs in London you get nothing but the best quality, personalized service at an affordable price. Here at My Builder in London we cherish our customers and for all our projects we guarantee in-time delivery, good looks and durability.

Besides helping with small carpentry tasks at home or refurbishing existing wooden furniture, stairs, and doors, our professional carpenters can also aid you in building your own custom furniture. In today’s standardized world owning something unique is usually difficult, expensive or both. With our services you can enjoy an exclusive touch to your furniture at a fraction of the price you would usually have to pay. And, if you decide to take advantage of our interior design services, our team of professional designers will create the whole concept with all the minute details, while our skilled carpenters will make sure everything is executed perfectly.  From simple skirting boards to chairs, tables and all other custom furniture that you can imagine, our carpenters can do it all. It’s the personal touch that gives the exclusive look of our carpentry works and here at My Builder in London we have mastered it.

To take advantage of our services today simply contact us via email, by phone or use our simple online form to request a free no-obligation assessment. One of our associates will promptly visit your property at a suitable time for you and we will prepare a detailed quotation that will be the first step towards wooden perfection in your home.