Wallpapering is a nice choice for every type of wall, but pasting can turn out to be quite an adventure. This is where we at My Builder in London come to your aid. Putting a wallpaper on your wall is always a great decision, because it can put a special touch to the room and it can display and impress so much more than a simple single-colour paint. For the best possible outcome wallpapering requires immpeccable plastering. Even the slightest bump can rupture and ruin the expensive wallpaper. As with everything else, the foundation is the most important thing and our plastering specialists know that better than anyone. With their vast experience your wall will be smooth as silk in no time and ready for your beautiful wallpaper.

Applying the glue is the next tricky part. As you may know, this is not your everyday glue and applying the correct amount can be crucial. Basically, if you’re not sure how much, use the rule the more the better. Before the actual application you need to stir it well, preferably with a drill or some other stirring machinery, because lumps do tend to form. After it’s in a completely liquid phase, apply it to the wallpaper, then apply some more to the wall and you’re ready to go. Be sure to equip yourself wit a plastic tool of some kind to extract the extra glue before it dries up.

If all this sounds like something from a nuclear physics textbook to you, simply call us, send us an e-­mail or fill our online contact form for an easy, worry-free installation and impeccable results today. We will come to your property and provide you with a detailed, affordable quote for free. If you need a perfect finish for your wallpaper, call My Builder in London today and we will make sure your wallpaper shines bright for a long time.