Every home has walls, floor and a ceiling and everyone wants his or her home to be a warm, cozy, special place. At My Builder in London we have a deep understanding of what our customers want and we try to perfect the techniques that turn the walls and ceiling of one’s home into the foundation of comfort and good looks that everyone strives for.

Walls are usually painted or wallpapered, but in order to achieve the perfect finish a solid foundation is a must and this is where plastering comes into play. As with almost everything, the foundation is a critical part and this is why the plastering of your walls and ceiling must not be underestimated. A bad plastering job can ruin your wallpapers: If there is a bump or a scratch on the surface, uneven walls can dampen the ambiance of a room.

Generally there are two types of plaster – gypsum based and cement based. The gypsum based type is used mainly for indoor walls and ceilings, as it is extremely smooth. This makes it perfect for a finishing layer that is ready for painting and wallpapering. The cement based plaster can strengthen surfaces and is usually used for outdoor surfaces and where the walls are in pretty bad condition.

Regardless of the type of plastering you need, it is always best to call a professional to do it for you. The team of plasterers at My Builder in London is one of the most experienced ones you can find in the city. They have worked with all types of surfaces and just after a quick look can offer advice and solution for every situation.

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