Kitchen Fitting

The kitchen is often regarded as the most important place in a home. In the end, this is where we prepare our meals and this is the place where most of the household chores are done. This is why it is very important to have a kitchen space that is ergonomic, comfortable, and well designed. If we are going to spend so many hours in the kitchen, it better be a great place to be.

A perfect kitchen starts with a professional kitchen design. Although many outlets such as IKEA offer ready-made configurations, we at Kennington Builders have proffessional designers that can help you design the kitchen of your dreams. After all, we are all different and have different needs and constraints. If we could all find our perfect kitchen in IKEA, it would be very simple, but rather dull.

Our designers know how to place all the appliances, so that you spend less time switching from one to the other and more time actually doing something useful. They will take into consideration all your ideas and help them spring to life. Your budget will be taken into consideration and our procurement department will help you find the perfect floor or tiles at extremely competitive prices that you can’t find by yourself.

Our expertise doesn’t end at design. After we agree on the design of your perfect kitchen, our professional kitchen fitting specialists come into play. We have builders specializing in all areas you can imagine. Our dedicated kitchen appliance and furniture fitters will take care of installing and connecting all your appliances in the kitchen. Plumbing, electrical connections, punching holes, and what not, you don’t have to worry about any of that. We also have specialized floor fitters and tiling specialists that will take care of perfecting the seamless finish of your dream kitchen. Finally, all our teams clean after themselves, so you can start using your new kitchen as soon as we finish.

In the end, the kitchen is a part of your home that you cannot afford to overlook. My Builder in London can help you make the process of creating or improving your kitchen space as easy and pleasant as it gets. Call us today for free, no-obligation assessment and begin the pleasant journey to kitchen perfection.