Here at My Builder in London we offer dreams. If your home is smaller than you imagined it to be, this is no longer a problem, because with our professional home extension services you can now have all the rooms you want. The only real limit is the amount of space you have in your yard or above your house. If you need to consider which space to sacrifice for a new room for your children or for some space on your own, you should look no further. Don’t make any changes to your home, simply extend it.

Having many years of experience, our professional builders can make absolutely anything you can imagine. Whether it would be a necessity for your growing family or just a special place you want to treat yourself with, the builders at My Builder in London can turn it into reality. In general, there are three types of extensions that we offer. The first one is a side extension that will be adjoined to your house on ground zero. It can be an entirely new room or an extension of an existing one – a question of simply removing a non load bearing wall. The second type of extension we offer is an over-structure extension. Depending on the structure of the house either another floor can be built or a room can be added to an existing one. This is often used for places with smaller yards or if you don’t want to sacrifice part of your garden. Both types of extensions can be combined to create a two(or more)-storey side extension. The third type of extension that we offer is not quite an extension, but rather an entirely new structure built in your yard. It can be a smaller guest house, a tool shed or even your own small spa centre with a sauna or a steam room, where you can relax after a long day at work.

Another useful advantage of having an extension is the increase of property value in a potential selling situation. The money spent on building the extension shall be considered as an investment, as it will inevitably raise your property’s value. Another great way in which an extension can enhance your home is by building an external kitchen for the summer or a patio that can turn your garden into an awesome party place where you can invite friends for barbeque, party or some other gatherings.

To take advantage of our extension services simply call us on the phone, send us an email or fill in our online contact form. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible to arrange a free no-obligation assessment and provide you with a detailed, affordable quote.